Norwegian First Division Standings – patterns and surprises

    Norway is a sports country with a good tradition in the major sports. However, when it comes to football, the country’s national team and clubs have not achieved much. At club level, teams from Norway rarely qualify for the spring part of the European competitions. Perhaps the most famous and titled club is Rosenborg, who sometimes perform well at the Europa League level.

    Of course, there are also lower leagues with mid-tier teams. Norwegian First Division Standings suggests that even in the country’s second strongest league, viewers can expect unexpected results. When it comes to the 2022 season, the following points can be made:

    1. A convincing win in the league was handed to the Brann club. In 30 games, the team won 26 games, drawing 3 and losing 1. As a result, the club is 23 points behind their nearest opponents, with the goal difference of +79.
    2. The number of draws in the league is low. The highest number is with the vice-champion, namely Stabek. The team has drawn every third match.
    3. Stordals-Blink had a disappointing season. The team scored only 17 points in 30 matches, 11 points less than 14th place. That gives them the right to stay in the first division.
    4. The top scorers in the league standings are the two players who scored 16 goals apiece. We are talking about Bard Finn from Brenna and Gift Orban from Stabek. Six players scored 13 goals or more during the season.
    5. The championship is rightly regarded as one of the most prolific. The teams have scored an average of 3-4 goals each, which makes for exciting and unforgettable viewing of the matches. For instance, champion Brann has scored and conceded a combined total of 111 goals during the season. Correspondingly, the club has averaged 3.7 goals per match.
    6. Almost all the teams in the championship often break the rules. This is evidenced by the high number of yellow cards. Three players have nine cautions on their record. They are Erik Tjonøe from Rangheim, Ole Amund Sveen from Mjondalen and Jakob Lindström from Fredrikstad.
    7. Five Norwegian First Division players have two red cards apiece. The above-mentioned leaders in cautions are not on this list.
    8. The league season is spread over one calendar year. That’s why, unlike in most leagues, you can see that the title of the regular season only contains one year. The tournament here starts in winter and finishes at the end of autumn.
    9. If you compare this season with last season, you will notice that the teams’ performance has improved. This has a direct impact on the attractiveness of the league and the interest of the target audience.
    10. The number of spectators in stadiums continues to increase. Norway is primarily associated with sports such as biathlon, handball and winter sports. However, the most popular sport in the world is also actively developing. The number of worthy teams, worthy of interest from the target audience, is increasing in the country. Accordingly, almost all teams in the Norwegian First Division have got their audience.

    A new season is about to begin, which will give the teams and the fans a lot of excitement. If the clubs can keep the standard of the results they have set this season, the development of the championship is guaranteed. Either way, the target audience can look forward to 240 thrilling games, where there will certainly be plenty of goals and no holds barred fights.

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